“El Salvador has shaped my very heart and soul. Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for my first surf trip here 14 years ago. Allow me to share the world’s coolest experience with you. But let’s do it in style. I know just the spot…”

– Adrian, Founder – Sunzal Surf Company


Our Story

As the owner and founder of Sunzal Surf Company, I could probably write a small novel about this whole experience. What I can tell you is that El Salvador changed my life in a profound way. The great surf, the delicious food, and the amazing friends I’ve met down here have all shaped me into the person I am today. My only hope is that through this awesome service, we can share some of that stoke with you.

We started offering trip advice and reservations back in 2005 when I was in my early years of surfing in El Salvador. Together with local legend El Vaquero, we formed an idea that has evolved into an amazing company delivering great value to Globetrotters just like you.

We’ve had our ups and downs, but we’re still here, and committed to being your expert on the ground. Just let us know how we can make your trip to El Salvador a great one, and we’ll get it done.

Ours is a team effort, and our guides like Gorilla, Makoi, Bamba, and Shark will take care of you in style. Our admin team is professionally trained, and you’ll feel confident from the beginning that you signed up with the pros.

Thank you for considering Sunzal Surf Company, and I hope to see you in the lineup soon.

Adrian Wigston

Founder & President






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