Mahi-Mahi Surf Resort is the latest and boldest addition to Simeulue Island, officially opening its doors in April 2015. The bungalows are a mix of the past and present, with the second story being made from upcycled antique Javanese buildings that are hundreds of years old. These premium rooms feature quality single or queen size beds with mosquito net coverings and ceiling fans. Rooms are serviced daily, and all meals are provided by our on-site chef and kitchen staff in the communal Joglo area – another feature of the resort.

Our bungalows are directly in front of an epic A-frame peak, which is one of the most consistent waves in Indonesia. You will also find over 6 surf spots within 30 min of the bungalows with uncrowded waves. Our goal is to provide guests with the best possible access to the marine and jungle environments of Sumatra’s last frontier.

We offer Three fresh, inspired meals a day including gourmet vegetarian and vegan options, and freshly caught fish, sashimi, sushi and organic buffalo for meat eaters.

Newly refinished 100-year-old old-growth teak guesthouses imported from Java and provided with modern amenities. Each guesthouse directly fronts the surf break and affords beautiful sunrise and sunset views.

The founders of Mahi-Mahi resort are from Sweden, New Zealand, and America. By nature, the resort is well suited to international guests, with English speaking staff, western style bathrooms, and facilities and meals adapted to a western palette with Indonesian influence.  Our guests are surrounded by thousands of acres of primary rainforest– habitat for monkeys and large populations of rare birds– and exquisite coral reefs teeming with tropical fish and endangered sea turtles. The resort itself is garlanded with organic permaculture gardens and our profits support sea turtle conservation on the nearby islands.

The highlight of our package is a 42ft live-a-board speed boat. Outfitted with new engines, the speedboat cruises at 20 knots, enabling small groups of 4 to 5 passengers to surf, dive and fish the outer islands of northern Sumatra, namely the world-class waves of Pulau Banyak. Our focus is on small groups, and short time frames targeting the best swell windows, quickly getting from spot-to-spot to maximize surf time in non-overcrowded places during ideal wind and tide ranges. Each trip can be tailored to the guest’s needs. Mahi-Mahi resort is the ideal home base to start your trip, allowing immediate access to quality, consistent surf straight out front before timing the boat trip for big swells.

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